Sylvia Plath's Daddy Poem

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Sense of Victimhood Portrayed in Sylvia Plath’s Daddy Dr. Tarit Agrawal. Asst. Prof., Department of English, Govt. Degree College, Pulwara, Bar, Lalitpur, Jhansi. Email: Mob. No. 8318336131 Abstract Sylvia Plath always felt like a victim to whomever men she encountered in her life whether it was her father, her husband or the male-dominated literary firmament. Most of her poems can be described as a kind of response to these brutal feelings of victimization. Daddy is an unusual poem by Sylvia Plath. The poet feels that her father had German features while her mother was Jewish. The father of the poet is a Nazi. Though he died when the poet was hardly a child, his peculiar image enters her mind. In this poem,…show more content…
It developed in her a ‘masculine protest’ and filled in her sadism and destructiveness. Her poetry reflects ‘a seductive nihilism in contemporary culture that is a barrier to the discovery of one’s full humanness – the first step towards trying to find a meaning in life. It is reflected in the nihilism of her poetry and also in her choice of suicide as an evasive measure, a dodge, from discovering her full humanness. Well, her famous poem entitled Daddy categorically depicts her relationship with her father. Even the opening lines of the poem invoke those cultural or social injunctions or prescriptions against which the conduct or behaviour of the persons in the poem is measured at both the individual and the social levels. The speaker (the poetess) shows her resentment for her father. The speaker tells her father that he can no linger satisfy her physical requirements. She calls her father ‘Black Shoe’. She says that for the last thirty years, she has lived a miserable life and without much vitality, vigour and luster. She has lived with her and she has felt almost crushed in the black shoe which has made it difficult for her to breathe or sneeze. It is because of the inhibitions, culturally and socially imposed upon her that she has considered herself poor and white. To quote a few
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