Symbolism In Lett's The Honk And Holler Opening Soon

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In Billie’s Lett’s The Honk and Holler Opening Soon, Caney’s café is mistakenly named The Honk and Holler Opening Soon. However, the mistake on the sign of the café symbolizes the beginning of new possibilities for the characters in the novel as well as how the characters grow throughout the novel. Caney has been emotionally “closed” since opening the café as exemplified through him not venturing outside of the café for twelve years. However, Caney begins to emotionally “open up” to Vena Takes Horse during the first half of the novel. Furthermore, Caney also “opens up” by venturing outside of the café and taking a horse ride with Vena. Letts writes, “Suddenly, Caney grabbed the wheels of his chair, gave them a powerful jerk and popped the chair over the threshold. Clearing the door frame, feeling the heat of the sun on his face, he squinted against the glare” (116). Caney telling Vena about his experience in Vietnam also symbolizes Caney “opening up.” Caney and Vena’s burgeoning relationship is another way that the sign of the café is reflected in the lives of the characters: “But now, Vena Takes …show more content…

Bui grows through his relationship with Galilee and through learning English. Bui’s improvement in speaking English also reflects the “opening soon” message of the sign: “And when the dog limped inside her new home and curled herself at the door, Bui wound up his recitation, his voice confident and strong” (170). Bui also grows as a character by accepting that his wife is pregnant by another man. Finally, the renewed vitality of the café also reflects how the café is again “opening soon”: “The Honk was seldom empty and sometimes so crowded at noon, customers had to wait for tables” (203). Overall, the “opening soon” part of the Honk and Holler café is a literal mistake; however, Caney’s gaffe figuratively symbolizes the beginning of character growth, relationship, and the café’s “reopening” in the

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