Synopsis Of The Documentary Bullied, By Jamie Nabozny

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(Topic Sentence) Administrators’ jobs are to protect students. (Background Info) In the documentary Bullied, Jamie Nabozny is a young man who went to middle and high school between the 1990’s and the 2000’s, during those years he had been going through hell because of formidable bullies. (Attention Grabbing Strategy: anecdote) “No child deserves going through what Jamie Nabozny had to go through.” these are the words of David Springer, Nabozny’s attorney. In fact, Jamie Nabozny had been bullied through middle and high school because he was gay. He had run away from his home twice because his schools were not safe for him. He had attempted suicide because the bullies were making him feel miserable, making him feel like he was wrong. No child …show more content…

(Evidence From the Documentary) In the documentary, the young boy and his mother had made an appointment with the principal after he was harassed; they wanted the bullies to get punished for what they had done. The bullies touched him and made him uncomfortable. The principal did not punish them, which sent them a message that what they were doing would not have any consequences, she then told him and his mother that “boys will be boys” and that if he was going to be open about being gay; he should expect to be hurt from people who do not accept his sexual orientation. Later on in the documentary, Nabozny decides he wants to file a lawsuit against the Ashland School district for failing to protect him from harassment and abuse. When taking the stand, despite stating that she had never met him and his mother; the evidence for the case clearly showed Principal Podlesny was lying. (Elaboration of Point/Evidence) Principal Podlesny is an ignorant principal who does not ensure safety to the students attending Ashland Middle School from bullying or abuse because of her personal reasons. In this scenario she may have had some difficulties with the fact that young Nabozny had a different sexual orientation than most student at the school. (Analysis) Not only did Principal Podlesny fail to protect the poor boy but most likely many students from bullying and/or abuse from other kids. (Significance) This means that if principals fail to protect students attending their school; they are not doing the job they are needed for. Evidently, these principals, for whatever reason they failed their job, they should be fired; It does not matter if they did not do their jobs because of their limit for diversity or because they did not notice the children in need of help; they do not belong in that

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