Taco Bell Case Summary

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Starting the New Year in January of 2001, a lawsuit that involved several people sued Taco Bell, stating that Taco bell chain adds extra meat fillers in their “seasoned beef” instead of real ground beef. To be exact the accusation said taco bell’s meat was “taco meat filling”. They stated it consists of extenders and other non-meat grains and the “seasoned beef” in its tacos and burritos was made up of 35 percent beef. Another problem was that taco bell also betrayed customers but it violated federal requirements by advertising “taco meat filing” as beef. Taco Bell serves an estimated amount of customers of over 35 million a week. A specific unpleasant picture of this thing called “taco meat filling” began to start a downward of comments, and online criticism had begun. This matter was unforeseen as taco bell was not warned about this before the class action suit was made public. With this day and age social media exploded with comments and pictures making the lawsuit into a trending topic for everyone. This beef debate began trending all over and maybe tarnish taco bell trademark. Taco bell’s quick replies to these remarks regarding “meat …show more content…

Starting on January 25, taco bell began their strategies to explain their customers. Taco Bell’s Twitter account tweeted out an explanation from the company’s President and Chief Concept Officer Greg Creed, clearing up the “specifics” existing in the class action suit was “inaccurate.” Other then ignore and pretend that this was not happening; Taco Bell went stood up to the accusations, stating “its beef is better than plain ground beef”, Taco Bell says the beef would be too plain to be sold by a company devoted to “thinking outside the bun.” Taco Bell says its seasoned ground beef has 88 percent meat and 12 percent “not-so-secret recipe” which it shows the customers of what it consist of. (Gunther,

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