Taking The Deliberate Action In Al Pacino's Euthanasia?

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Euthanasia Euthanasia n. -Taking the deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life to relieve persistent and unstoppable physical suffering. Al Pacino in 2010, played in a movie called “You don’t know Jack”. Now, the movie was a success, as are many of Pacino’s movies. Directing was amazing, the story developed greatly, the dialogue brought out very good character development and the whole storyline was taken directly from the story and real life events that happened to Jack Kevorkian, an American pathologist of Romanian descend. Why the movie will forever be saved in my memory, along with other masterpieces of cinema, is of the complex and rather still controversial nature of its theme. Euthanasia. The movie developed and…show more content…
I believe that the person willing to die in order to quit the suffering must be granted his wish; the contrary is a direct desecration of the person’s human rights. Now as every subject there are exceptions. If one is not able to speak or otherwise show his or her wish to die of assisted suicide, no action should be taken. The peculiar thing is that the complete different happens in the world. If someone falls into a comma and there is a chance he or she will wake up, the relatives often decide to pull the plug rather than wait to see a response from the patient. And when a patient suffers a painful terminal disease and asks specifically to be killed mercifully and peacefully, their wish cannot be granted because that is an alleged violation of human rights. It is supposed murder. To be true and not let slip of any otherwise different opinion, I will say that euthanasia is murder. And that is exactly what confuses the majority of the world. To put one out of misery, either animal or human, would be merciful, but still killing, to which I respond with a very open minded and open hearted approval. It is a murder, it is a crime in other circumstances, but in the right ones it should be considered worldly as positive and

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