Tales Myths And Fables Dance Essay

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The movement of dancing amaze and amuse people all over the world. The performance called Tales, Myths, & Fables was a very interesting concert that basically identified the whole beauty and perspective of dance. While I observed this alluring art of dance I saw many great rhythms. The performance consisted of two acts which had about six to seven dances in each act following an intermission. The concert did have many great ideas and that’s what made it powerful. There were some parts of the dance were I felt like there should have been more improvement, but overall everyone was pleased from this remarkable performance.
The first act started with the dance called Stepford Girls. It was very nice and had many movements in that part. I liked the idea of how it’s meant to show the modern era by having the phone as an example. The dancer had to lean to get his wallet which was a very humorous idea as many people laughed in the audience. The movements I saw in the dance was very similar to the tendu and points we do in class. …show more content…

The stop was a great finish to the ending. This dance had a lot of swirling and had a nice jazzy theme. The thumb snapping added a great touch to the performance making it flow. I liked the ending of this dance because it consisted in a chronological order drop of dancers which made the whole part stand out.
The second dance in act two was called The Seasons Dance and it basically told the story of Zeus. It was nice and informative. I believed it was too slow but the person telling the story helped me understand the whole part of the dance. The ending had a nice finish too and the old women was a great idea to tell the story since it looked like it was cultural. The third dance A World of my Own was also interesting. I enjoyed the fairy idea and I felt like a kid again listening to Peter Pan. The dancers used a lot of movement and I enjoyed how it flowed perfectly with the

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