Tang And Song Dynasty

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The Lasting Effects of the Tang and Song Dynasties During the Post Classical Era, the Tang and Song Dynasties, which arose in China, had lasting effects throughout World History. These dynasties accomplished this goal through success in political, social, and economic aspects of their societies. After the fall of the Sui Dynasty in 618 C.E., two influential empires arose in China, the Tang and Song. The Song were the second of the two and they arose in 960 C.E. It covered the eastern border of the country and the period was known as “Medieval China” and their capital was first Kaifeng, which was located in the northern part of China until the Jin Dynasty came and took the northern part of their empire. Evidently, this caused the empire to …show more content…

Poetry was really popular in both dynasties, especially in the Song Dynasty. Poets from that area directed their poetry towards things and nature, and would focus on the beauty of things, which included a few moments of humor. Also, new ways of thinking developed such as Neo-Confucianism, which was an effort, especially prominent in the Song Dynasty to bring back the old ways of thinking in China (Strayer 367). This new ideal supposedly answered the deep questions of life and correct political views according to the empires (Charles D. and Frances K.). Furthermore, patriarchal societies continued in both empires. Women were not treated equally in both empires; however, in the Tang, they received more respect than in the Song. Song Dynasty historian and scholar Sima Guang states, “The boy leads the girl, the girl follows the boy: the duty of husbands to be resolute and wives to be docile begins with this” (Strayer 371). Additionally, men in both societies believed that women were the distractions that prevented them from reaching their true-life goals. In the Tang Dynasty, heavy influences from the northern nomads helped to maintain the open-mindness of high state officials of the time. Depending on social status, women of the Tang would either have to perform a task or not perform a task, whereas in the Song, women were treated the same no matter their social position. For example, women were allowed to participate in social activities and own their own property in the Tang Dynasty (Total History). Moreover, both empires showed great value when it came to the education of women; however, they directed it in different ways. The Song Dynasty would send young ladies to school so they could teach them how to serve their husband in the best way possible where on the contrary, the Tang would send their women so they could pursue whatever they wanted to

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