Tangerine The Development Of The Character Paul

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In the book tangerine the main character paul is affected by the choices he makes, as well as the choices the people around him make. Paul has just moved to tangerine florida, now he has to start a whole new school with lots of new people. Since moving to lake windsor downs paul has started to uncover secrets that have been kept from him for quite some time. How did the choices of the characters in tangerine effect paul as the main character in the book? Why are these choices so important?

A choice made by Mr.fisher that affects paul was when he overlooked the area and all of its issues. He didn't exactly say that they lived within feet of the muck fire, he also never said that tangerine was known for lightning striking on a consistent day to day basis.” mom would never say it but i bet we were both thinking the same, what else had dad “overlooked” about tangerine?”(pg.27). Both Mrs.fisher and paul had mixed emotions on dad overlooking such …show more content…

He has always disliked his brother. But in the end paul came to understand that his life ius in his control and only he can make those decisions for himself. He came out of everything with friends, and not the fake kind of friends. The kind you can jump on a teacher and get expelled type of friends. The chooses the people around homemade put him in a position to where her had to either rise up and face everything or stay still and take it. I believe he was stronger because of the way he dealt with everything. And the words that antion thomas said to him really stuck.”it's time to start telling the truth,little brother. Do you understand me” and “ don't spend your life hiding under bleachers little brother. The truth will set you free”(pg.269).The choices made by other characters left paul a better person stronger smarter and even wiser. Each tinny choice affected pauls story. Now paul can take what he has learned on to the next

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