Paul Fisher Character Analysis

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Imagine having to live in a county where natural disasters such as lightning strikes, muck fires, and sinkholes proliferating more and more each day. This is the daily life of Paul Fisher, the protagonist in the novel Tangerine, written by Edward Bloor. Paul Fisher moved to Tangerine County, Florida, where his life began to change. The Fisher family moved to Tangerine due to the “Erik Fisher Football Dream.” Paul’s father believes that Erik is an eminent football player, this is a reason why the Fisher family’s life revolves around Erik. Paul’s vision may be impaired, but that does not stop him from seeing that he is stuck in the shadow of his older brother Erik. Throughout the novel, readers can see that Paul is more selfless than Erik. Paul is kind, caring, and a selfless person. Paul’s selflessness is shown in many ways from something as small as helping his mother finding the source of a smell to something as large as helping students out of a sinkhole. “We joined some eighth graders in a kind of bucket brigade extending from the field down into the sinkhole. They were grabbing the hands of the kids who were trapped in the portable and pulling them up, step-by-step, to the edge of the hole. Some of those guys must have been ten feet below ground level at this point, and the sinkhole was still deepening and spreading. The mud continued to swirl around us in a rapid clockwise motion.” (Bloor 82) This quoted evidence illustrates the depths of Paul’s

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