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Introduction The Target Corporation is a retail business that is dedicated to providing an upscale, high-quality shopping experience. The merchandise is on trend with reasonable pricing. Target provides consumers with guest-friendly, clean, and spacious stores ("Fact Sheet: Quick Facts About Target", n.d.). As a loyal Target customer, I can attest to the cleanliness and well-organized layout of the many Target stores I have shopped. The fashions offered are well made and attractively priced. I also appreciate the company’s dedication to the local community. For these reasons, I chose the Target Corporation as the subject of this business research paper. Through research, I hope to learn the factors contributing to Target’s success in the retail industry.
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Dayton Dry Goods was founded by George Draper Dayton in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902. Dayton died in 1938, passing the company on to his son George N. Dayton. George N. Dayton established the policy of giving five percent of pretax profit to the local community. The company thrived in the following years as a leading department store retailer. The Dayton Company president decided to pursue a new venture in 1960. He wanted to open “a new kind of mass-market discount store that caters to value-oriented shoppers seeking a higher-quality experience” (“Target through the years", n.d.). Prior to the opening, the Director of Publicity, Steward K. Widdess came up with the name Target and the bulls-eye logo for the new discount store. The first official Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota on May 1, 1962 ("Target through the years",

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