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Target corporation has a very strong brand recognition across the United States and Canada. The red and white bullet logo stands out and is the iconic symbol of Target. With such popularity, Target is expected to meet the needs of their customers and it is expressed through their marketing tactics, “expect more-pay less”. Their main shoppers are typically women aged in their early 40’s with children. With majority of their of shoppers being parents, customers require high quality products that still fit in their budget. Target meets those expectations and then some, one of their biggest strengths is the quality and diversity of their merchandise. Not only are the products high quality but they are always on trend. Target has paired …show more content…

Target Corporation has stores located in Canada and headquarters in India. India has a set of beliefs and values in which they practice that differ from the ones the U.S practices. Target Corporation must take into consideration all aspects of working globally. Some of those aspects are language, time and business practices. They are expected to incorporate these into their business strategies. When entering the Canadian market it is vital to speak and understand the French language.
There has been pressure globally to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. In order, to remain competitive, Target has made several changes. These changes include reusing materials within the stores and recycling products such as plastic, cardboard and rechargeable batteries. Target Corporation understands the impact of being environmentally sustainable and they have implemented these practices into their business plan. They examine each location and customize that store to be as eco-friendly as possible. Their goal is lower their ecological footprint. Target takes pride in their beliefs and being eco-friendly is one of

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