Target Revamps Groceries For Millennials: Summary

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Summary Paul Ziobro’s article entitled as, “Target Revamps Groceries for Millennials” that was published on the 2nd of March 2015 present the plans that are being carried out by Target Corporation in a bid to attract millennial individuals who in this case involve people who were born in 80s and 90s (Ziobro, par.12) The article gives some of the steps that have been adopted and some which are yet to be implemented by Target Company in order to gain a competitive edge of other firms in the same industry. Ziobro mentions that, Target is focusing more on groceries and the addition of organic foods in its stock. This is mainly prompted by the projection that processed and packed foods are losing favor with their customers with time (Ziobro, par. …show more content…

This is behind the reason as to why Mr. Cornell has visited a number of firms such as Pepsico which are thriving well in the grocery industry (Ziobro, par.5) On top of that, the article presents that, Mr. Cornell is also focusing on hiring an experienced executive who will help the entity to execute this objective (Ziobro, par.6). Meanwhile, the article has also outlined a number of reasons as to why venturing in the grocery industry by Target will be important. Some of them include focusing on the young people and attract more customers. The article has also mentioned the target population of the intended increase of grocery stock by Target Corporation. As mentioned earlier, the major intended population target is the young people. Moreover, Ziobro notes that, Target Corporation also has laid its’ eyes on Hispanic individuals who have a great interest in the consumption of grocery products (par.2). Given the steps that are being taken by Target Corporation, it is evident that, grocery products serves an important function in the generation of income of the company. This has been evidenced by fact that, Ziobro captures that, the grocery sector earned the company 50 billion out of the 73 billion in total (Ziobro, par.

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