Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

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For this discussion I have chosen to talk about one of Tchaikovsky’s ballets, Swan Lake. For me whenever I think of ballet the first dance that comes to mind is the Swan Lake. I think this dance is just one of the most known in ballet. This dance is about a prince that is being forced to choose a wife, from an approved list made by his parents. Then the prince goes out swan hunting, but when the prince is about to shoot one of the swans, the Swan Queen stops him and tells the prince that she is really a woman, and all the other swans are women also. The women were turned into swans by an evil sorcerer. The prince then falls in love with the swan queen and wants to marry her. The prince then has a ball and the evil sorcerer shows up with his daughter disguised to look like the Swan Queen, the prince then announces that the Swan Queen is to be his bride, but he does not know that she is not the real Swan Queen. Then the prince notices the real Swan Queen outside looking through the window, running away back to the lake. When the prince realizes that she is the real Swan Queen he rushes after her, and arrives at the lake to find the Swan Queen dying of grief, and the prince gets to the lake to hold the Swan Queen in his arms as she …show more content…

Ballet to me is one of the most beautiful dances in the world. The dancers always put so much time and effort into their dances, they practice for years to become great at ballet, to make sure that every move is cohesive and fluid when preforming, to make it look effortless. I think that ballet is one of the most grueling in means of learning and preparing, ballet dancers have to be on very strict diets and have to practice for very long hours every day and I really admire how much dedication the dancers

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