How Did Anna Pavlova Contribute To Ballet

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Anna Pavlova In the course of the early twentieth century, Ballet stood at the pinnacle of the art of dance as one of the most classical and respected art forms to ever exist. The Imperial Russian Ballet had been highly established as an esteemed influencer to the way the art of ballet was being portrayed globally. Anna Pavlova was first and foremost a Russian prima ballerina, whose entrancing performances captivated audiences all around the world. Of course other ballerinas throughout history have been able to surpass her talents with a more solid technique, but what she contributed to ballet still stands today as one of the greatest contributions to dance since it’s inception. She used her natural abilities to promote the widespread of ballet around the world to empower women of all walks of life through her powerful portrayals of women in the roles she played. Her imagination and passion for the art of ballet was first sparked at the age of 8, when her mother wanted to do something …show more content…

She had a dream to create her own company to tour around the world, and she did it. She wanted to use her gift to support orphans during World War I, and she did it (Dandre 248). In her mind, there was no limit to what she could do. Her influence was possibly one of the greatest contributions to ballet because without her, many standing countries would not be as established in ballet as they are right now. She did for the world one of the most important things a dancer can do - teach. The entire purpose for her life was to dance. In her untimely death from pneumonia at fifty, she was given the option to live and never dance again, or to die. Without dance, she was afraid she would not have a reason to wake up in the morning, so she ultimately decided to die with her famous last words “Prepare my swan costume” (Fisher,

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