Technology And Technology Essay

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Complemented by the ingenious minds of tech entrepreneurs, rapid growth in technology has led to the rise of innovations such as social network Facebook and instant messaging (IM) platform WhatsApp, displacing many traditional values that once formed the foundation of many 21st century families. Formerly known as the most popular game amongst children, the rugged childhood tag games are now a mere past time as contemporary lifestyle gadgets such as smartphones and tablets have grown to be a necessity in the lives of many children. With the overwhelming influence that technology has made in the 21st century, this article evaluates the social impact which technology advancements has inflicted onto our modern society and highlights the adversities it has caused to communication in the present day. Even though it possesses the ability to aid people like Marc Brackett in comprehending and controlling their emotions, the article sheds a light on the apparent threat that technology poses to a community 's interpersonal adeptness. The existence of fundamental social skills such as courtship and conversational abilities has become endangered in our increasingly tech-savvy society, as technology continues to replace the most primitive learning method of social skills: face-to-face interaction. Through lower frequency of face-to-face interaction, people may fail to understand the emotions of others and face difficulty in establishing strong interpersonal relationships due to heavy

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