Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology has become a vital asset to the way many people in our society live. From alarms on phones that wake people up in the mornings, to the TVs they watch before bed. In many ways technology has helped the progression in fields such as science and medicine. However as a result of technology there has been setbacks as well as advantages. The number of books being read each year has gone down while the amount of time in front of a screen has gone up. Fahrenheit 451 explores how a mass of technology has the potential to breed superficial relationships between spouses and families.
The technology and lack of books in Fahrenheit 451 causes a superficial marriage between Guy Montag and Mildred Montag. In the society of Fahrenheit 451 relationships are …show more content…

Mildred’s friends come over later in the book and talk about family. One of them, Mrs. Bowles, comments on her own children, highlighting the troubling family dysfunction in their society. “I plunk the children in school nine days out of ten. I put up with them when they come home three days a month; it's not bad at all. You heave them into the 'parlor' and turn the switch. It's like washing clothes: stuff laundry in and slam the lid.” (96). Using phrases such as “put up with” do not suggest a warm relationship between mother and child. Just before that statement Mrs. Bowles says that the two major reasons for having children are reproduction and that they sometimes resemble you (96). Other than that she sees no problem setting them in front of the mindless parlor so she does not have to deal with them. The connections of family is important, without it the teenagers in Fahrenheit 451 run amuck and kill each other (27). Family is important to the development of children because the connections make them better

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