Technology: The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Technology

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With technology growing rapidly nowadays distributed computing, programs to better study and social media alongside with quality learning sources, job loss, destruction weapons and internet vulnerability are some of technology’s benefits and drawbacks.
Technology’s greatest and most helpful achievements have brought progress, but too often this progress would not be as good as we think if and only we do not use it responsibly.
The most important thing about technology is the ability to cure diseases with microscopes, supercomputers and other related hardware giving us the chance nowadays if we want to help doctors, we can just donate our computers CPU power with distributed computing. What if we could share our unused computer power to help find a cure ? even while we are sleeping we are very-very busy our proteins our folding like crazy , every second a bazillion tiny proteins inside us are folding into a bazillion shapes, tiny tools our body uses to fight diseases that is when a disease is creeping Alzheimers takes 1 of 8 of us when we get old, cancer takes 2 of 8 of us, no matter how old we are and if they do not take us completely they take a heavy toll. So what if while we are sleeping our computer was busy crunching numbers? Networked with a million other computers around the world piecing together the puzzle of how those proteins work, that’s distributed computing with over 101,000 other around the world outputting 91,000 teraflops of computing power to form the
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