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Introduction: Ted Bundy was one of the most well-known serial killer in U.S. history. Ted Bundy killed over 100 women before he was given the death sentence when he was finally caught. Ted Bundy had a rough childhood and changed as a person throughout his years. He wasn’t a people person and enjoyed killing others, especially young women that tend to look like his ex-girlfriend.
Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946. Ted was born to Eleanor Cowell in a home for Unwed Mothers in Vermont. Ted’s mother was twenty two years old when she gave birth to him. Ted's father was an Air Force veteran and did not know about him. Ted was raised as the adopted son of his grandparents and was told that his mother was his sister. Ted and his …show more content…

She was a beautiful and wealthy women from California. She was Ted's first love. However, she did not feel the same way about Ted that Ted felt about her. She believed that Ted didn’t have a bright future or any goals that he wanted to achieve throughout his life. In 1968, after his girlfriend graduated from the University of Washington, she broke up with Ted. She realized that Ted had flaws that she did not want to deal with for him to become her husband. After they broke up, Ted never recovered from the break up. After they broke up, Ted didn’t care about anything at all. Ted dropped out of college and kept in contact with her by mail. He tried to get back with her numerous times but she wasn’t interested. Ted became obsessed with her and he couldn't get her out of his mind. (Jacobs, …show more content…

While he was there, he visited the local records clerk in order to find out who his biological father was. When he went to the record clerk, he uncovered the truth about his parents. He found out that his sister was actually his mother. After his discovery, Ted became a more focused and dominant person. This changed Ted’s attitude because he was shocked about what he discovered. Two years later, he became a part of Stephanie Brooks’ life again but changed his attitude and looks to look like he became a professional man who had been accepted to law school. He proposed marriage to her, and she accepted. A short time later, he dumped her and apologized for his behavior because he was trying to prove that he could have her to himself. (Michaud, pg.

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