Tell Tale Heart Vs The Landlady

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In the literature world, there are too many books to count. There are fictional, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, and everything in between. Within these categories, there a huge selection of even more categories, including fantasy, horror, and adventure; just to name a few. There are two though, that fall under the fictional and horror categories; The Tell-Tale Heart and The Landlady. The two stories have their own fair share of differences and similarity. So let’s take a closer look at these two fantastic stories. First let’s take a look at The Landlady. The Landlady takes place in the 1960’s, probably around the U.K. The story begins with a young man named Billy. He had just gotten off of a train, and he needed to find a Bed and Breakfast to stay at for the night. He ask one of the employees at the train stop where he might find one, and the employee suggests the Bell and Dragon. Billy thanks the man of starts walking to the B&B, which was about one mile away. On his way, Billy seems drawn to a smaller house with a sign that states, “Bed and Breakfast” …show more content…

The Tell-Tale Heart takes place in the 1900’s, and the location seems to be unknown. This story, however, has a different point of view, the butler. The butler is try to convince the reader that he is not crazy, but infact sane. There are no details about the butler 's physical traits, it doesn’t give them a name, or even a gender. Anyways, the butler starts off explain that he hates his master’s eye. So every night, the butler scares at his eye at around midnight, he does this for one week. Then on the eighth night, the butler scares the old man and he dies. After this, the butler chops up the old man, and puts his body parts under the floorboards. Later the police come, but don’t find anything. They stay for a drink, but after a couple minutes, the butler confesses. This is the main plot for The Tell-Tale Heart. This story too, ends on a slight

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