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  • The Hospitality Of Xenia In Homer's The Odyssey

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    or xenia. Xenia is the relationship between a guest and their host. By properly observing the rules of xenia, the host should ultimately be respectful, in hopes that one day their guest may be able to give the host the same hospitality. In nearly every part of Odysseus’ adventure, the custom of xenia seems to figure in some way. In The Odyssey, by following the proper rules of xenia, and adventurer is able to find their way home, while improper guest-host relationships can lead to hardships for all

  • The Generosity Of Xenia In Ancient Greece

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    to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing guest-friendship [XENIA]. Xenia is also a way of life, in Ancient Greece, people are being hospitable all the time. Some people are being hospitable because this is the right thing to do and they also enjoy doing this, also being generous made them look good. The second reason for doing this is because people believe that Zeus was the protector of guests. “It 's wrong, my friend, to send any stranger packing— even one who arrives

  • Full House: An Invitation To Fractions Summary

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    visitors and is very excited to know that she may fill her inn with new guest. Throughout the day, Miss Bloom welcomes a variety of entertaining guests until all the rooms at Strawberry Inn are taken. Finally,

  • Hotel Housekeeping Report

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    Housekeeping and Front Office department. The Front Office provides the guests with first impression while the housekeeping provides the guests with lasting impressions. This is why it is vital for the Room Division Manager to attend weekly executive and sales meetings as well as the General Manager’s briefings with Front Office and Housekeeping. Not only is the Rooms Division Manager responsible to see to the comfort and safety of every guest that visits the hotel, he is also responsible to hire competent

  • Tell Tale Heart Vs The Landlady

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    In the literature world, there are too many books to count. There are fictional, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, and everything in between. Within these categories, there a huge selection of even more categories, including fantasy, horror, and adventure; just to name a few. There are two though, that fall under the fictional and horror categories; The Tell-Tale Heart and The Landlady. The two stories have their own fair share of differences and similarity. So let’s take a closer look at these

  • The Hospitality Industry

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    customer and tries to make the person comfortable with altruism (Wikipedia, 2016). The hospitality industry has always been outstretched than the other industries. Unlike the other industries, this one targets on the guest gratification and tries to suit the comfort level of the guest. The main aim of this industry is to provide luxury to the customers (, 2016). The origin of hospitality is related to the civilization. It started back in late 1700 when it was the colonial

  • How To Break The Piñata

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    going to be held outside. That whole night my family was preparing the tamales and the aroma of the salsas and the leaves of the tamales covered my whole house with a wonderful small that I wished would have never left. My family was talking about the guest

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By William Lyon Phelps

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    analogy and parallelism. Ge begins by comparing a book to a guest. For instance, Phelps states, "A borrowed book is like a guest in the house; it must be treated with punctiliousness, with a certain considerate formality." Everyone knows what it feels like to have a guest; you have to make sure to attend to their every needs, making sure they feel comfortable, and , most importantly, making sure they leave unharmed. Just like the guest, the book has to be taken care of with such ease. In other words

  • Fear Factor Speech

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    The “Fear Factor” In Presentations The General Manager of a leading hotel once confided: “I’m o.k. with one-on-one conversations. It‘s when I have to address a whole group - that’s when the shivers start!”. Well, the GM is not alone - there are millions out there who fear public speaking more than they fear darkness, death, heights and the like. Why is this so? Why do people “freeze” or experience a whole swarm of “butterflies” in their stomachs? Fear, anxiety and nervousness in giving a speech

  • Swot Analysis Of The Roman Colosseum

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    1.1 THEATER MAIN ELEMENTS: All theaters have common base requirements regardless of their types. The space of any performing arts building consists of four main categories. - Front House: Places required for serving theater patrons to the performance, during intermissions, and after the performance. These spaces typically include all areas the patron will encounter from the parking lot to the interior of the audience chamber, such as lobbies, foyers, circulation, box office, rest rooms… etc. -

  • Benefits Of Being Bilingual

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    Can you imagine how it feels like to be a bilingual and the benefits it brings to your life?Bilingualism that was once considered a handicap, has proven to be beneficial for both children and adults. Many studies have found benefits of being bilingual or being to speak more than one language. Speaking another language can mean that you pay attention better and can be multitask better than monolinguals because we are constantly switching from one language to the other language. Even though some studies

  • Analyzing The Short Story 'Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?'

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    “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” Essay Interpretations regarding the short story “ Where Are You Going ? Where have you been ?” by Joyce Oates have been widely voiced in various critical articles. For instance, Clifford J. Kurowski's claim that Connie had come of age and “.. was certain she knew how to handle the choices Friend was making available to her”( Kurkowski np ). Or Mike Tierce and John Craftin, who insist that young Connie has been rescued by a mysterious savior, Arnold

  • Catcher In The Rye As A Hero Analysis

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    When one reads Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger or Robert Bolt’s A Man for all Seasons, one is confronted with protagonists that cannot initially be described as classical heroes. On further inspection, however, one can determine that these protagonists (Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye and Sir Thomas More in A Man for all Seasons) server as examples of “unconventional” heroes, but heroes all the same. In this essay I will support this statement by briefly explaining what is meant with the

  • Invisibility In Arthur Miller's Invisible Man

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    Nonetheless, invisibility doesn't originate from prejudice alone. Similarly as toxic for the storyteller are other summed up mindsets about character—thoughts that imagine him as a gear-tooth in a machine rather than a one of a kind person. This is valid for the narrator both at the anonymous dark college and at Liberty Paints. Notwithstanding, it is the Brotherhood, a not at all subtle interpretation of the Communist Party, that turns out to be most baffling for the narrator. The Brotherhood gives

  • Michel Foucault: The Construction Of Discourse

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    There is such a variety of definitions regarding discourse that make it difficult to stick to one definition, therefore the context to which discourse is used is helpful to narrowing down a less diverse definition. Michel Foucault (philosopher, social theorist and literary critic) used various definitions of discourse at separate instances. The rough definition that Foucault suggests for Discourse is ‘the general domain of all statements’. He also defines discourse as an adapted cluster of statements

  • Guest Sharing Reflection

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    The guest sharing has definitely helped me to understand the transgender community in broader and deeper perspectives, including the specific definitions of transgender, as well as the real life experiences of Kasper and Sakura. My attitudes towards transgender changed again after the sharing. Since I already knew it is challenging for transgender or even other sexual minorities to come out, by the documentaries or interviews I have seen on social media before the sharing. Yet, through the sharing

  • The Guest By Daru Summary

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    “The Guest” When it comes to making decisions, sometimes, one must fight with his or her conscience. Depending on the situation, the better decision could feel like the wrong action to take. But in some situations, like in the case of the protagonist in the story “The Guest,” no matter what decision is made, it could have unfortunate consequences. For Daru, it appeared to be a lose-lose situation no matter what decision he made, although he clearly made a bad one. Had he taken the prisoner to the

  • Existentialism In Albert Camus's The Guest

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    Albert Camus’ short story “The Guest,” that takes place during the World War II in France demonstrates the right and freedom of existentialism. The Polish writer, Camus tries to show that every human being has a choice; whether it is good, or bad, but can we choose to do it for ourselves or let someone else do it for us is all up to us to decide. The Guest, short story narrates the story of a schoolmaster, Daru, an Algerian-born Frenchman who lives alone in a remote area; the environment in which

  • Argumentative Essay On Guest Workers

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    thought about guest workers in America. Guest workers are basically people who leave their country to work in foreign nations for specific time periods, and then return home. And they take up specifically manual labor jobs. I believe guest workers should not be permitted inside the United States because this results in unjust treatment and a degrading economy and lifestyle for both, the migrant workers and citizens. And just to be clear I’m against specifically the concept of guest workers but not

  • Guest In Space Case Study

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    it might appear that no more guests can be taken in, as in a hotel with a finite number of rooms. This is wrong, though. A room can be provided for another guest. This can be done by moving the guest in room 1 to room 2, the guest in room 2 to room 3, and so on. In the general case, the guest in room n will be moved to room n+1. After all guests have moved, room 1 is empty, and the new guest now has a room to occupy. This shows how we can find a room for a new guest even if the hotel is already full