How To Break The Piñata

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It is March 11th 2012, a day before my birthday! I got home around 6-7 at night and saw that the grass was covered with a white layer that I didn 't know what it was. I said “ Daddy did it snow only in our house?’’ and he said “ Yes it snowed only here it 's a miracle isn 't it?” When I got out the truck I went to see the snow but what i found was shocking. The what I believed was snow turned out to be white plastic used to cover the ground because it was going to rain and the party was going to be held outside. That whole night my family was preparing the tamales and the aroma of the salsas and the leaves of the tamales covered my whole house with a wonderful small that I wished would have never left. My family was talking about the guest…show more content…
A few hours later it was time to break the piñata and I love to hit it but I would always miss. All of the kids at the party had one turn to break the piñata. After all the kids had one turn the piñata was still not broken so one of my parents friend named Freddy decided it would be great to break the piñata himself. Everyone. Started to sing dale dale al la piñata and one we were close to the end Freddy ended up breaking the piñata but it was so funny seeing a 36 year old man jumping up to break a piñata. After breaking the piñata it was time to cut the cake. All my friends and family were singing happy birthday to my in Spanish and in English. In Mexico we have a tradition to slam the person 's face in the birthday cake when they are suppose to take a bite. My family decided it would be a awesome idea to slap my head all the way in the cake and once I stood up I had cake on my face and dress and even hair. My family and friends all laughed and took pictures of me with a face full of cake. I went to take a shower and once I got out and changed to new clothes. It was dark outside so all the kids who were still at the party couldn 't be outside so they were in my room playing. I decided to go with the office and be with the girls and dance. I started to dance to “Whine up “by Kate Luna and in that moment I saw the door open a tiny bite and I saw two eyes looking at the girls and me dance. When I walked over to open the door I saw the 2 twins named William and Wilbert. I asked “ What are you guys doing looking at us dance?” and William and Wilbert said “ We were watching you dance but it was to funny to watch so we had to keep looking”. After everyone left the party the house smelled like tamales and pizza and the smell lasted the whole night till the morning. The next morning on March 13 my family came to eat Carne Asada or grilled meat and chicken. We were suppose to just eat but it turned into a party and it lasted till the 6 in the morning. My home was full
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