Texas Football Team Case Study

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• If you watched the game on Sunday you noticed Corey White taking Tyler Patmon’s spot as the nickel cornerback. What the coaches’ love about White is his size, and ability to play the nickel position. Very instinctive as well as active during the game he was all over the field in good position most of the times. You could almost see why the coaches made this switch during the week, which could be permanent the rest of the season. These last few games from the safety position hasn’t been good as well with Barry Church, and JJ Wilcox missing tackles. On 105.3 The Fan yesterday morning Jerry Jones talked about how well Byron Jones played against Rob Gronkowski, while adding how the Cowboys will evaluate how to make Byron Jones impact the defense …show more content…

This team needs to start winning some games before he comes back. The game against the Giants/Eagles are two important games I think they need to win even if there are 4-5 when Romo comes back I truly have faith that Romo can wheel this team to nine or 10 wins to win the division especially if they’re 4-0 in the division when he comes back leaving just the two games against the Redskins to win to seal the division. However the team is starting to get healthy at the right time the reinforcements in Greg Hardy, and Rolando McClain came back on Sunday in which we’ll saw how much impact they made on the defense instantly with Cowboys recording five sacks in first half against Brady with two going to Hardy, one going to McClain, and Tyrone/Jack Crawford each getting a piece as well. Randy Gregory should be back after the bye week for the game against the Giants, hopefully as well as Dez Bryant. So everyone will be back except for Romo, but I believe the Cowboys can win two to three games until he comes back, then that’s when everything will click, plus I believe no one in the NFC would want to face the Cowboys at that point because of how dangerous this team can be with everyone back healthy playing up to their

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