Texas House Of Representatives Essay

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The Texas House of Representatives organization is one in which one hundred and fifty members compose it. Each of these members is to be elected for a two-year term. As well, each member in this position has to be a natural U.S. Citizen of the United States and must be at least 21 years of age or older. Prior to entering an election he/ she must have two complete years of been a resident of the state and one year of been a resident of the district from which they were chosen to form part. The Texas House of Representative is in charge of electing the speaker of the house, which is also known as the presiding officer. This house organization basically stands to construct and enforce its own rules, as it also judges the right qualifications …show more content…

As for Texas, the State Legislature has given of reflection of being the most powerful branch in the state government. This structure most of the time has a belligerent use towards the power of the purse to regulate and manage the state government activities. As stated in the article “Like most state legislatures, it is a bicameral institution, consisting of a lower house, the Texas House of Representative, and the upper house, the Texas State.” Regularly the Legislature meets on the second Tuesday of January of every odd-numbered year. The substitute governor who is elected statewide separates from the main Governor and takes control over the Senate as its members elect the speaker of the house from that body. So basically, both have a large leeway extension on choosing committee membership towards they’re belonging respective house and as well they have a huge influence on lawmaking in the state. Thus, it’s only the governor who is able to call the Legislature into a special session, because the legislature isn’t able at all to call itself into one as in other state cases. But the governor may call as many sessions as he desires to do so. Following that, the Texas Constitution responsibility is to limit the duration of each special session to thirty days, where Lawmakers are able to take in hand only those matters chosen by the governor in his “call,” So, ultimately both Legislature houses are usually very organized on the bipartisan basis with those members of the two different

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