Texting Ruining Literacy Essay

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Is Texting Ruining Literacy? “On average, teens send 45.11 messages and receive 46.03 in one day” reports author A. Campbell (1). While many people believe texting is here to stay, there is a growing concern that texting is ruining literacy, lowering test scores, and texting is making ‘texters’ anti-social. It’s so easy for teens to text that it has become the number one way of communication. Teen’s abbreviate because it saves time. Teachers, critics and students who are limited on texting are realizing the affect it has on literacy in teens writing! PROBLEMATIC TEXTING Teachers and peers are noticing texting is becoming more evident in the classroom and becoming problematic. Texting symbols are commonly used such as ‘@, & $’ . In addition, “students are not punctuating correctly and are using lowercase letters(4).” “ Eighty two percent of twelve to fifteen year olds have a cell phone”(1). Although texting is becoming more commonly used, it's found that ‘texters’ are able to decode messages much faster than peers who are limited on texting or who don’t text as often(2). Researchers would say that texting has both pros and cons on literacy. NEGATIVE EFFECTS One other…show more content…
Texting, just as in other forms of communication, has both its positives and negative effects- not only with the people communicating but, on society as a whole. Some say it is quick and easy and therefor, a great way of relaying a fast message to someone. Others argue that the idea that texting is “quick and easy” is exactly what makes it so damaging to the language that we speak, write, and communicate in school, work, and at home. Will texting, and the special characters, word spellings and symbols that are used in texting, going to be the downfall of language as we know it in the generations to come? Only time will
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