Thank You For Arguing By Jay Heinrichs And Lies My Teacher Told Me

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Thank you for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs and Lies My Teacher Told Me by sociology instructor James Loewen are two great books. While the first ten chapters of Jay Heinrichs’ piece of work principally focuses on both traditional and modern rhetoric for contemporary public speakers and readers, chapters 1 to 13 of James Loewen’s book attempts to study why most American high school students hate history studies. In particular, Heinrichs’ book focuses on past knowledge and ideologies like Cicero and Aristotle’s theories, as well as modern concepts tailored for modern public speakers (Heinrichs 127). Conversely, Loewen’s book cites a number of factors, which explain why the American history is intrinsically dramatic (Loewen 7). Thank You for Arguing …show more content…

The book is full of speechwriting teachings for public speakers. In particular, it is based on the knowledge of the past such as Aristotle’s logos, pathos, and ethos concepts, and yet tailored for contemporary public speakers with a broad range of references to day-to-day persuasive instances (Heinrichs 231). Besides being highly informative, Jay Heinrichs’ book (Chapters 1 to 10) is also hilarious and dynamic. As earlier mentioned, the book covers the central rhetorical lessons of both Cicero and Aristotle. However, the author further cites fresh examples, centers on workplace, cultural, marketing and political references. Whereas the first few chapters talk about Socrates, the last chapters brilliantly discuss the plight of Sherlock Holmes. This outstanding balance between formal teachings and real-world modern examples certainly makes Heinrichs’ piece of work highly cherished by readers (Heinrichs 399). His book is undoubtedly one of the best for present-day public

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