The 1869 Aboriginal Protection Act

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The aboriginal protection act was an act that involved the removal of half caste aboriginal children from their families and it limited the freedom and the rights of aboriginal people. The intention of this essay is to argue that the 1869 aboriginal protection act was a tragedy for aboriginal communities and families. The reasons why the aboriginal protection act was a tragedy for aboriginal families and communities was that it took away the rights and the liberty of the aboriginal people, children were separated from their families and put into institutions, the act solidified the hatred between aboriginal people and white Australians, and the aboriginal act started what was called “The Stolen Generation”. The 1869 aboriginal protection …show more content…

This lead to an even more tragic event, The Stolen Generation. This caused a lot of heart ache and tragedy within aboriginal communities. Almost every Aboriginal family has been affected in some way by the policy of child removal. The removal of half caste children is said to be is one of the most devastating practice since white Australian settlement, and we can see that it has profound percussions for aboriginals today. An example of this is the poor record keeping. Many people of aboriginal descent have no idea of their culture and who their family are. Phillip Coller from New South Wales states “At age 50 I have no idea who my grandfather was and no contact with any other family members on my mother’s side. We have searched for the past couple of years but to no avail as we are tracing events from 80 years ago” [2]. On February 13th 2008 our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, apologised for what the white Australian people did to the aboriginal people. This apology had a huge emotional response from the nation. Yuko Narushima, an indigenous Australian reports “Mr Rudd 's speech was just magnificent. It 's a wonderful day. Pity about the Opposition speech." [1] This quote puts emphasis on how people viewed the prime minister’s speech. This speech meant a lot to the indigenous people, it was the first step of reconciliation. It had a huge emotional response from the nation as people still today are suffering from the actions of the white Australians. Therefore the aboriginal protection act had catastrophic effects on aboriginal families and communities, this then lead to the stolen

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