Summary Of The Story 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a story about Arnold with brain damage and many conflicts. Arnold is different then other people in his tribe.He has a massive head, and his feet are gigantic. As Arnold grows older a teacher persuades him to leave his home in order to go to a different school. By going to this other school Arnold will become successful then most people in his tribe. Arnold has a talent that not many people in his tribe have. He is a great cartoonist with a big imagination. “He says he likes to draw, because…words are too unpredictable.” and “I draw because words are too limited.” ( pg.5) If someone talked you in a different language and you didn’t know what they were saying, how would you ever know what they meant? Drawings can be identified by most people and easily understood. Some people wish that drawings could take the place of real items. Arnolds knows that “No matter how good I am, my drawings will never take the place of food or money.” His parents don’t have much money, so he dreamed of what he did not have much of and if he could draw anything and make it real, he would. In his geometry class, he gets a book that had his mom name on it. They had the book since his mom was in high school! This made Arnold …show more content…

A few weeks past when his grandma was killed by a drunk driver. Her last words were to forgive the diver. Then, his dad’s friend gets shot in the head after fighting for the last bottle of beer. Finally, his sister dies in her husband's trailer when the curtain caught on fire and burned down the trailer. During his sister's funeral, he sprinted away into the woods only to find his friend Rowdy crying. Rowdy told him that Arnold killed his sister by leaving home and going to a different school. His mother slapped him making him promise never to drink. Arnold missed a lot of school, and most students don’t recall him going to

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