The American Dream Four Freedom Analysis

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Living in America The American Dream is an old ideal, one that is at first glance easily defined, but at the same time is frustratingly obscure in its true meaning. How does one define it? Is it simply luxury, a Bentley in front of a townhouse and a golden retriever on the lawn? Or is it ensconced within the idea of working for oneself and rising above, creating one’s own destiny? Discovering the American Dream becomes more and more elusive. Many have forgotten the ideals that have made people flock to the daunting shores of a foreign country. The American Dream is not about cars, or gold, or materialism, but rather, it is about freedom, it is enshrined upon our right to live safely, to climb above, and the potential for equality among all …show more content…

To do, say, and think in any way they please, and also to be treated equally no matter how this self-expression is actualized. A quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his speech, The Four Freedoms says “This nation has placed its destiny in the hands and heads and hearts of its millions of free men and women.” As a woman, this may manifest in the ability to educate herself, be involved in sports, and clothe herself in any manner that pleases her. And there is another thing this woman might do, in between getting her degree and winning the State Championships. She might be emailing her congressman to support the fight for her rights. There is not a perfect state of equality in America, minorities are still climbing the mountain, still fighting tooth and nail for their rights. Though the situation may not be as dire as it might be in other parts of the world, a country that prides itself on the equal treatment of its people should treat its people equally. All people, of any gender, sexuality, creed or color, should be treated in the same manner. There have been large strides forward for everyone in the past hundred years or so, the right of women to vote, the right of any citizen to vote regardless of race, the right to marry, et cetera. People all across America continue to prove themselves, to show what is already known but needs to be spelled out, to prove that everyone has

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