The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Analysis

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Justin Houge Due Date: Friday 25th Journal 1 I am reading “ The Bass, the river, and Sheila Mant” by W.D Wetherell. So far this story is about a boy having a crush on a older lady but has to choose between her and fishing. In this journal I will be questioning ______ and_______. G pick bass or Sheila Y bass R loves it R knows a lot R big/ impressive Y Sheila R hot!!!!!! R says yes R lies about fish G I think he is going to pick Shelia As I read the story, I wonder whom the little boy will pick Shelia or the bass. Is it possible that he will pick Sheila? I don’t think the 14-year-old boy will choose the bass. I think he will choose Shelia. The first reason I think this is because if he loves Shelia as much as he loves fishing. He was willing to try to find a new hobby or maybe Shelia will accept the fact that he loves to fish and learn to love it too. Second, he really knows a lot about fishing. He knows what kind of fish it is by the kind of splash it has. He also can tell what kind of fish it is by the amount of tug on the line by the fish. But the bass is also big and impressive for fishing like it is so big that it was pulling the boat backwards when they were on there little date. It also comes in the shallows at night to chase the frogs and other things. However, to the 14 year old Sheila is very attractive and is the love of his life. The way he watches her tan and he loves the way she looks in a white dress and her swimsuit.

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