The Black Death Persuasive Speech

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So then, the minions circulated the town spreading the plague. The plague which soon to be known as the Black Death. It is a deadly disease that the minions transmitted to humans. "Oh no!" The pixies who had been doing a good job regulating everything shriek. When this world was created, we humans have a time limit in our life span so then, a group of scientist with Albert Einstein as the leader came to create the pixies who would be able to live forever... Albert Einstein seem to excel in everything! The pixies was just on vacation on a nearby island and with them away, something so big and horrible had already happen! The pixies however, couldn’t wish the plague and the mess it created away… The humans had to also learn a lesson of human peace among themselves. The pixies ended up creating a rebirth of Albert Einstein which is to be known as Elizabeth the first!

Elizabeth the first was heir to the throne since her birth at the age of 25. They needed an immediate response to this disease and someone capable of stopping the plague. When she was created she had already been given the
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If she wanted peace in the Catholic Church, she had to stop the plague… With the power she had as the queen, she ordered the people to help her find an antibiotic to stop the plague. With this an invention called the printing press was created! Information spreader faster and also to a larger population of people! It spread information about the disease and that their would be a cure to defeat the disease if everyone would get together to help send her some information about it. With that, Elizabeth the first gotten information as how to it started and the many symptoms of it. And so, a devastating information was given to her too, it was that millions had died on it. She however, remained calm and collective. Just days after, a miracle happen and an antibiotic was made and gradually the nation came back into

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