The Book Of Galatians: Common Misconception Of Faith

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In the book of Galatians, Paul identifies specific gifts the believer receives from the Holy Spirit when they decide to surrender their life and follow God. Paul describes these gifts as fruit in the life of the believer, refined through a continual walk with God. In order to equip the believer, God provides the believer these gifts. Faithfulness is one of these gifts. A common misconception of faith in God is the belief He fixes what is wrong in our lives. Faithfulness is not merely following God to seek out answers, to solve problems, or find a magic fix. In essence, faith is following God without question and fully trusting in His word and promises.
The common misconception that a person’s faith in God guarantees a life free of heartache and trouble is far from the truth. Following God without question is the basis of faith. When a person decides to follow God, they will still face obstacles. Moreover, they can rest in His promises for provision in various forms. Acting in the fruit of faithfulness allows God to provide the believer protection, although one should remain aware of the risk and reward of their decision. When someone has made the choice to lay down their life to follow God, the fruit of faithfulness they can begin to follow without fear. As a believer continually seeks His will for their life, the fruit
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Over the course of one’s life, difficult moments will ebb and flow. The common phrase “This too shall pass” supports believers during a time of trial and with faithfulness, in God, these moments will. During difficult seasons, having faith in God will bring trust, protection, and hope that believers yearn for. Overall faithfulness changes not only the demeanor towards the world but the way one follows God in everyday life. Walking in faithfulness brings an understanding that the path walked has to mean something and is for a greater purpose. During these seasons, God places people, according to His perfect plan that He wrote long
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