The Call Of The Wild Summary

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My favorite chapter of the book was 7 because John and Buck found the Lost Trail. John found a way to find the gold by making a washboard and he was searching the water to find gold and he found gold. Then John found as much gold as he wanted so he told Buck that he need to go run in the wild. Because Buck had made friends or the leader of the wolfpack. Then Buck went hunting for food and after he got done hunting he smelt foot prints, and he followed them and he found John.
Another thing that i liked in “The Call Of The Wild” was chapter 4 when buck and Spitz got in a fight and Buck killed Spitz. Francois and Perrault kept bragging on him for fighting Spitz they way he did.when Francois and Perrault Perrault went to pull the dogs to move
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it changes because in the beginning because Buck starts out in San Diego. Then he goes to Alaska and he’s not used to snow then he would run and play instead of digging holes to stay warm.because that 's what he was used to doing in San Diego.
The conflict in the book was that when it became spring the dogs could pull anymore because there was no snow for them to have traction. So by time everyone started to move across the hills the snow started to melt so they had to pull them stuff by back, or stay and camp were they where.
When they use foreshadowing was when Buck and john was going to cross the river and Pete told John that it was going to break because it was starting to get warmer.Then later in the book the river is still frozen so Buck and John went ahead and crossed and john fell through and Buck went and pushed him up against the rock. Pete tried to tell them.
These impact the book because if the book didn 't have these then we would understand where there at or what they 're doing, or what is going to happen in the future. Because We use the clues in the book to figure out what they are going to do next. If the author didn 't include a conflict, or use foreshadowing then he would basically repeat himself over and
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