The Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Has Changed Canadian Identity

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What does a flag say about a country? Ever since its first official appearance on February 15th, 1965, the Canadian Maple Leaf flag has changed the way the world sees Canada. The Canadian flag is a symbol recognized worldwide, it shows who Canadians are and what they stand for. Lester B. Pearson’s decision to introduce a unique and distinctive flag has changed Canada forever. Therefore, one of the greatest events from the 20th century that has shaped Canada was the creation of the Canadian Maple Leaf flag because it showed independence from Britain, it changed Canadian identity, and it represents the unity and multiculturalism found in Canada today.
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The flag represents the shared beliefs and values of all Canadians. Canadian’s are proud to be who they are: “[The Canadian Flag] will say proudly to the world and to the future ‘I stand for Canada’” (Archbold n.pag). This statement was Pearson’s goal, which in the end, he was able to successfully achieve. Canadians have a very unique sense of pride that is shown through their flag. Canadian pride is quiet, strong, and long lasting. In 2002, when the women’s and men’s Olympic hockey teams both won gold, Canadian citizens were finding anything with a flag or maple leaf on it to wear or display in order to show pride in their country’s accomplishments. All over the world, people recognize and respect the Canadian flag, and, therefore, since the Canadian flag represents who Canadian are, they also respect Canadians (Archbold 151). In 2002, four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan because of this all the Canadian flags in the world were at half mass as a sign of respect; Canadians have worked hard to receive this respect (Archbold 166). The Canadian flag has shaped Canadian identity and how the rest of the world views the

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