The Case Of Morgan And Anissa Should Be Tried As Adults

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Imagine your friend had lead you into the woods and stabbed you 19 times throughout your body. Anissa and her friend Morgan alledgy stabbed another 12 year old 19 times after leading her into the woods in order to please a fictional character. Morgan and Anissa should be tried as adults with lower sentences and therapy because of the severity of the crime, her age, and her mental health. The two friends should be tried as adults with lower sentence because of how serious the crime was. Abigail jones wrote in the article “the girl who tried to kill for slenderman” said “two twelve year old girls allegedly lured a friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times” Having stabbed the girl 19 times shows the alleged stabbers may have not stopped after Payton to please the fictional character. Reportes also said “Morgan and her friend Anissa weier both 12 at the time are accused of luring Payton into the woods and stabbing her 19 times with a kitchen knife.” Stabbing someone 19 times usually doesn't mean you just want to harm then they were probably tried to kill payton. From the severity of the crime this shows that they should get locked up. …show more content…

“Psychologist report that in simple decision making older adults perform just as well as young adults” This proves Anissa was old enough to know what she was doing before she did it. In another article they wrote”assailants had been plotting the crime for months.” The two girls knew what they were doing to be able to plan this for months. Despite the young age the girls should be tried as

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