Essay On The Movie Confessions

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ISSUES One of the issues that is very obvious to notice in the film ‘Confessions’ is the issue of Japan Juvenile Law 1947. In the film, the main character, Yuko Moriguchi questioned the legal system that protect underage child suspects. She think that everyone should become responsible for their actions, regardless of age. Because of turning the two underage murderers into the law won’t make any difference, she decided to revenge them in her own way. In reality, the youth justice law had always been an issue to debate in Japan. The issue started at 1997 in the city of Kobe when a teenager killed another young boy and left the victim’s head outside a school. After that, numerous brutal crimes committed by young teenagers emerged and gained huge attentions in Japan. In the country, the minors will not face criminal trials. Instead, they will be sent to training school or rehabilitation. The point of the argument is that the criminals get protect and rehabilitation instead of punishment. People argued that the suffering of the victims and the loss of their families were not taken into account. However, some defended the law, state that the law is about rehabilitation instead of punishment. They believe that the young criminals still have potentials to turn over a new leaf and decent people. The movie also allow us into the critical insight of current century state of Japan’s youth. It portrays how the societal pressures can be a bad impact to the Japanese youth. The
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