The Symbolic Interaction Theory Of Bullying In Schools

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Social phenomenon can be attributed to the theory symbolic interaction is bullying in the community where experienced by students in primary, secondary or university level. This scenario is already happening because of many factors that contribute to social ills is valid. Consensus president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Assoc Prof Datuk Ali Hasan, said the general public, including parents, teachers and the community should not feel comfortable, especially when there is a proclaimed that the problem is under control, while in reality it exists."Alarming scenario, if only in the first of bullying among secondary school students, now even primary school pupils involved, first only boys, but now involving female students."Before, we used to hear cases of bullying occur at a boarding school, but now it also occurs in religious schools. Feeling ridiculous when bullying occurs also in religious schools," he said in Persada Chancellery Talk titled Bullying in Schools: delirium or Reality organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).
Symbolic interaction theory is adopted in which the bully phenomenon is related which between symbol and interaction as an example how we interpret the symbol we see and how the symbols heps us buit our own self concept. Thing occurs among bullies is felt themselves great by bullying others with ask the money, hit them, ask them to do their homework including degrading students. Victim of
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