Persuasive Essay: Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Vote?

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Ladies and gentlemen, today we are here to discuss an important matter, should prisoners be allowed to vote. This matter is mostly based on opinions but such an important decision cannot be taken lightly. Furthermore, both sides of the argument must be taken into balance before a final decision is taken as this decision may impact the entire future of a country.

Monsters that 's what they are. They do not get the right to vote, why should they be able to break the law whenever they please to have it function when it benefits them? The moment they break the law, it should no longer be able to be used to their advantage. However, it has been stated that some of those prisoners are innocent and do not deserve to be cut off from the world 's biggest decision involving citizens. As a result of this it has been impossible to take a decision on this matter, can we really put the future of multiple countries into jeopardy for a small amount of the population, which claims to be innocent which may or may not be true? Even if innocents should get the right to vote, this decision is too important to risk a disaster to make a minuscule amount of the population prosper.

Ignorant that’s what they are! Due to being locked up without …show more content…

This will be the type of people which take decisions for our children 's future! Would you want a criminal to be allowed to change your children 's lives? If we accept to give those prisoners the choices of the future is the point of law? Why not break laws it if there is no punishment? Some may, have children and decide to protect them, and not all people are criminals as some people may argue. Also that being in prison is already punishment enough. I believe it may be harsh, but not harsh enough to banish those monsters Can we really take any as parents? They are still criminals who broke the law, which in this context means that the choices they are going to make will not be to help keep order but to help to bend it when it pleases

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