The Mandalay Bay Shootings In Las Vegas

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The Mandalay Bay Shootings in Las Vegas was a horrible massacre killing about 59 innocent lives and injuring around 500 people that were attending the music festival across from the Mandalay Bay. This supposedly was done by one person, who was publicly identified to be Stephen Paddock. He set fire from the 32nd Floor of the Mandalay Bay around 10 pm. There are four things during this shooting that just don 't add up, the first being 'who was the woman who warned the people they were "all going to die tonight" 45 minutes before the shooter set fire ' is that a coincidence or did she know? Second is 'the weapons that you hear in the videos were 'full-auto ' guns which are almost impossible to acquire through legal means ' if they are almost impossible to get them how did he get a hold of them? Third being 'why we’re the exits block trapping the victims like rats in a maze? ' Why were there no exits? Finally, the last one being 'why were there two guns shooting at once during the massacre, when there was only one shooter? ' Was there more than one shooter? All this will all be explained further on in this essay. …show more content…

A victim in the crowd said that there was a woman that decided to push her way to the front of the concert and tell other people that they were "all going to die tonight". No one has identified the woman and doesn’t know why she would tell people that they were going to die tonight. This made other people suspicious because exactly 45 minutes later a shooter sets fire leaving many deaths and injuries. I think this woman had something to do with the Las Vegas shooting because she told everyone that they were all going to die and then exactly 45 minutes after she had spoken about dying tonight, the shooter takes

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