Big Crowd Shooting Research Paper

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Going into a crowd of people could be dangerous like, going down back alley way alone. Crowds could be very dangerous with strangers.Shootings that have happened in big crowds. Many people might say that there is a lot of people that can protect you. The massive shootings that have happened in big crowded areas. People need to know that when there is many people a shooting could happened. The orlando night club which was packed. Had 50 deaths and 58 injured people. This was the worst shooting in orlando history.The shooting in las vegas music festival. That killed 59 people and injured 546 people . This was the worst mass shooting in america. Then the shooting in texas that killed 26 people and 20 injured people.This was the worst shooting in texas. Why would the gunman kill all those innocent people. Was these shootings a point that no one is safe. This evidence show that many people are not safe in big crowded areas. …show more content…

This could be a big mistake in shooting. These shootings are big in the world that scare a lot of people.This could not be safe for kids nor adults. The shootings that are happening could happen to anyone it could happen anywhere. No one wants to go to a festival and Think about a good time just to bekilled by a crazy

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