The Causes Of War In The Lord Of The Rings

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Introduction North Korea has posed a threat to Japan and South Korea by launching nuclear weapons on medium range missiles that could hit Japan or South Korea. North Korea is currently improving its longer-range continental missiles which pose a threat to any country in the world. United States and South Korea have responded to this threat by firing missiles that could destroy specific targets in North Korea. On the other hand South Africa and china’s trade relations have improved over past few years. China has invested eight hundred million dollars to build car plants in South Africa and to increase economic growth by creating employment. The above examples show how countries interact with each other, this is known as international relations. The study of international relations began at the university of wales in 1919. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the assumptions of international relations and illustrate how they are portrayed in the lord of the rings to examine their value. Firstly, this essay will discuss realism and liberalism and show how these theories are portrayed in the lord of the rings. Secondly this essay will discuss the concept of power as a central theme of the Lord of the rings and show how states use their power to bring out a particular outcome. Finally, this essay will apply the level analysis to examine the causes of war in the lord of the rings. What is realism? Realism is a school of thought in international relations that was formed

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