The Causes Of War: The Spanish American War Of 1898

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Throughout history, there have many wars that caused by many reasons. Also, all war can make good and bad effects for the world. One famous war in history was the Spanish-American War of 1898. It was caused by fuzzy. The war has left a long term effect on both sides that involved in the war. Both Spain and the United States were truly impacted by the war because the war happened unexpectedly. The Spanish-American War was not started by one event alone, but with the accumulation many events which caused the war to explode. It started with the event surrounding USS Maine, was a "second class" battleship built up for the U.S. Navy. Spain sent General “Butcher” Weyler to control the situation in Cuba, so America sent the navy battleship called the USS Maine to the area to protect American investments. At first, the battleship USS Maine had no hostility, but until the Maine exploded at 9:40 pm on February 15, 1898 in Havana Harbor. There was 260 American naval personnel be killed on that ship. There was difference explanation of the explosion. Some people stated that the Maine was hit or blown up by the Spanish Navy, however, others said that the ton coal bunker exploded. In 1898, the navy said it was sunk by a water mine, but declare that the tragedy may be anyone’s responsibility and that we cannot fix the problem now. When the declaration of war happened, U.S. President William Mckinley was in the office. President. Mckinley hoped to prevent having a war with Spain, but

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