The Challenges Of Homelessness

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1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction

Challenges preventing homeless are important to identify in an effort to decreasing homelessness in the area as including the damage that could arise either external or internally toward the property when every strategy have been implemented. Knowing the existence of the challenges can be crucial to creating strategy-proof that has zero drawback or no challenges in preventing the homeless from increasing or out control.

1.2 Background Research There is a vast definition of homeless coming from the different country with the different perspective and in Malaysia define by Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia (2012) homeless or Orang papa in section 2 is a people begging in public areas and may cause concern to other people who visit the public areas or disturbances created by the homeless. Vagrants, whether they are begging or not, do not have a job or a place to stay or not able to identify their self accordingly.

This research will be focused on the challenges facing by the government when implementing preventing strategy in their process to end homelessness in Kuala Lumpur and to suggest a strategy without facing any challenges in finding solution to homelessness, it is very important for Kuala Lumpur City Hall to come up with a solution in terms of social, security and hygienic of the cities area that is crowded with people to avoid any further conflict.
Identifying challenges should be able to provide a factor why a certain
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