The Concept Of Filial Piety In Korea

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The concept of filial piety is everything to do with putting the needs and interest of your family before your own needs. There are many ways for a person to show filial piety. Some of the ways are through, support for the parents, showing unconditional love, be obedient towards elders and to have respect for the family’s ancestors. Filial piety was originated between 200 and 500 AD and it was the idea of a Chinese philosopher named Confucius. He believed that the key to running a good society was to show respect for ones elders. It was a concept or aspect of life that was really important to the Chinese that a Chinese emperor turned that practice of filial piety into a law. Therefore, if you were being disrespectful towards your elders, you would be punishable by law. The idea of filial piety has been ingrained in children and teenagers for many years. Filial piety is mainly about children caring for their parents in order to pay them back for taking care of them when they were kids. This helps ensure that the elderly are being taken care of in their old age. Although this concept of filial piety started in China, it has spread or influenced other neighboring countries like
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In this literature review, I will be looking at filial piety in Korea (collectivistic) and in America (individualistic), to see if there is any difference between the idea of filial piety in each culture and I will see how filial piety has evolved or

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