The Concept Of Self-Effimacy, Adequacy In Classroom

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WHAT IS SELF EFFICACY The concept of Self-efficacy was perceived by Albert Bandura as our feeling of adequacy, efficiency, and competence in coping with life and how we succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task. To an individual self-efficacy plays a major role in aspects of our lives in terms of our decision making process, how we set, perceive and approach goals, tasks and challenges. We see our-selves as being proficient in performing tasks given to us or managing situations we are face with on a daily basis. This belief we hold regarding our power to affect situation in known as self-efficacy. Once we have a high efficacy belief we tend to deal with productively effectively by applying positive thinking when face with various situations, events and challenges. Due to that we achieve a high motivation and developed great confidence which lower our vulnerability to stress and depression. Where someone is known to have low in self-efficacy that individual is unable to control life events and have a tendency to shy away from difficult situations, which lowers our aspirations and commitment to goals; hence we develop a greater vulnerability to stress and depression. IN WHAT WAYS DOES SELF EFFICACY INFLUENCE PERFORMANCE IN SCHOOL? People operate both individually and collectively; likewise the concept of self-efficacy presents itself on a personal and social construct. Therefore in the schools setting, one ways in which self-efficacy influence performance is through

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