The Pros And Cons Of Lesson Study In Education

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CHAPTER FOUR: DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 5.1 Discussion and Conclusions This study explored the components of Lesson Study, which impacts, on the respondent’s teaching and student learning. This chapter discusses the results and offers an analysis of how the study results emphasis on the initial research questions as well as connect to literature review of the study. The discussion is arranged on the basis of research question. Summary of Findings Participants interview, observations and from many literature this study explore that TSN through Lesson Study is an innovative teaching approach comes from Japan. To improve quality in primary education Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh undertaken several of new intervention. TSN through Lesson Study is one of them. This explore the implementation process of TSN, role of teachers and field level officer, how does TSN giving benefits to teachers and students, how does TSN develop teachers professional skills. Study results find process of TSN through practicing lesson study, teacher’s professional skill development, student’s benefits, teacher’s collaborations & collegiality, instructional strategies to students and limitations of TSN. Although some challenges and limitations were found in the study it also showed positive impacts on students learning and developing teacher’s professional skills. Teachers themselves engage in the practice of Lesson Study resulting in the own perceptions of their teaching effectiveness.

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