Video Analysis: The Power Of 2 By Marilyn Friend

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Coteaching is a partnership between the general education and special education teacher, which is designed to enhance the learning of students with disabilities. Coteaching is built on a foundation of collaboration and differentiated instruction, so that every student can succeed in the classroom. In the video The Power of 2 by Marilyn Friend we are introduced to instructional approaches, such as alternative teaching and parallel teaching. These strategies can utilize the skills of both professionals and help clarify key concepts. In addition, the video presents us with strategies that should be used less frequently, such as one teach one observe which can limit the effectiveness of coteaching. Overall, the fundamental approaches shown in the video can provide educators with valuable data which can guide instructional procedures in the classroom. One approach shown in the video is station teaching. In this strategy students are divided into small groups and placed into stations. By using groups teachers can focus on different aspects of the curriculum, which builds upon previously learned material. In addition, station teaching breaks the traditional cycle of large group instruction and allows students to receive individualized attention. This approach is timed and can benefit …show more content…

One strategy that reinforces learning through collaboration is team teaching. In the classroom both teachers are positioned at the front of the classroom with different responsibilities. For example, one teacher may write notes, while the other delivers large group instruction. Through team teaching, both educators can bounce ideas off one another or show students two different methods of solving a problem. This strategy is most effective in a coteaching partnership emphasizing give and take. Teachers can work together when designing lessons designating roles based on their strengths and

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