What Would Happen If Ww1 Never Happened

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WW1 was a tremendously devastating war. This led to Hitler rising to power, then WW2, then the cold war, then the world problems we have today. However, the morning Gavrilo Princip woke up to kill the archduke of Austria-Hungary, what if he slipped down his steps? What if WW1 never happened? The chances of WW1 never happening are slimmer than slim, but it could have happened. What if it did? If Gavrilo Princip hadn’t killed the archduke, WW1 MIGHT never have happened. Gavrilo Princip killing the archduke was like a spark. Before WW1, Europe was on edge. Picture it as a big tank of gasoline. The death of the archduke was like a match falling into the gas tank. Gavrilo Princip was like the teenager who figured it would be a good idea to throw…show more content…
If WW1 had never happened, Hitler would not have come to power. Hitler came to power after everyone got sick of democracy. Everyone got sick of democracy because their leaders surrendered to the allies. Their leaders surrendered to the allies because they were losing by far. They were losing by far because Austria-Hungary had fallen. Austria-Hungary had fallen because WW1. WW1 happened because of a spark falling into a big tank of gasoline. (Drops mic). (Picks mic up). Also, Japan before WWII? Conquering all that land? They would not have been appeased, they would have been warned or attacked, because WW1 never happened, so people weren’t desperate to avoid…show more content…
Therefore, there would have been no bloodshed in Korea. And now, the most pointless war in history of mankind, the Vietnam war, fought literally because the American government didn’t want communism anywhere, yet they overlooked the fact that south Vietnam’s leader was a horrible man who didn’t believe in human rights and that the guerillas of the Viet Cohn were not massacring the citizens of south Korea, but were actually coming to peoples’ homes and helping them with their farms. All they did was share their communist beliefs, they didn’t even force them upon them, and most of the south Vietnamese liked the idea. North Vietnam didn’t even use brutal tactics against their people, like most “communist” countries. Doesn’t sound like a problem, riiiiiiiight? Wrong. It’s America, people, EVERYTHING is our business. Everything. So, we backed up the people who were claiming to be democratic (not to mention their military was hopeless, because American soldiers were actually thinking these people were joking when they said they had never seen a gunboat). And we decided to team up with not only a big bunch of jerks, but a big bunch of jerks who didn’t even have an army. Then we realized the fight was pointless, and ran away with our tail between our legs, leaving the South Vietnamese soldiers quite the situation. No
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