The Cost Of Survival Argumentative Essay

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Risks Can Be Expensive Many people understand that almost every action an individual takes has some subjection to danger. When people do something that could result in a hazardous situation, they are taking a risk. Every day, people take chances whether it be traveling on an airplane or not drinking enough water. In Unit 2 of the myPerspectives textbook, the idea that people who willingly put themselves in danger should be held accountable is apparent. It is exemplified that when people put themselves in such positions, they should be held responsible because individuals are often aware of the danger that they put themselves up against and because they can control their knowledge and preparation for a dangerous situation prior to willingly …show more content…

This further supports why people should be obligated to take accountability for their actions in a survival situation. In the argumentative essay, “The Cost of Survival,” Theo Tucker argues that people who voluntarily put themselves in danger should have to pay for the costs of their rescue. Tucker wrote about a caver whose rescue took eleven days and involved 728 people. He stated that individuals who “take extreme risks” similar to the caver who willingly went 4,000 feet underground, “should pay for their rescue operation” (Tucker 4 ). Tucker means exactly what he says; when people take risks, they know the danger that they are encountering which is precisely why they should be held accountable. This is true because it is absurd for individuals who fully understand the risks of a circumstance to continue to be allowed to put themselves in danger and then further heighten the situation by putting other lives in danger at no cost. “The Voyage of The James Carid,” a narrative non-fiction piece written by Caroline Alexander, is about a group of men on an expedition that was cut short after the ship was buffeted by turbulent seas. The group of men on the journey were exceptionally skilled and knew what danger they were facing since they had “courage in undertaking such a dangerous voyage” (Alexander –). The crew on the Carid is a perfect example of a group that should be held accountable for their actions since they thoroughly understood the danger of their expedition and proceeded to follow through with their journey. Luckily, everyone on the voyage survived. However, if the people on the voyage were to receive help from rescuers, others' lives would be put in jeopardy. In essence, any individual in a dangerous situation due to their actions should be responsible for the costs of their rescue because they inflicted the situation on

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