The Creature And Frankenstein Similarities

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In many novels throughout literature, enemies often share striking similarities. They push and pull at each other to the point where they lead to the each others undoing, yet they share tremendous likeness. In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly Victor Frankenstein and his creature are two sides of one person. Both despise each other, and in doing so they are despising themselves. There is a power struggle between the two adversaries, which leads to both Frankenstein, and his creature ending up alone. Shelly’s novel christens the era of romanticism and successfully merges these ideas with those of the gothic style. The infatuation with discovery and creation is evident in the main character, Victor Frankenstein, and his pursuit of knowledge…show more content…
Perhaps the greatest similarity between Frankenstein and the Creature is their great hatred for one another. The Creature told Frankenstein himself that he " I declared everlasting war against the species, and more all, against him who had formed me and sent forth to this insupportable misery”(113). The Creature hates Frankenstein for not only creating him, but more so for abandoning him. Victor also hates the Creature, however for a different reason. Victor shouted in rage, "Scoffing devil! Again do I vow vengeance; again do I devote thee miserable fiend, to torture and death. Never will I give up my search, until he or I perish; and then with what ecstasy shall I join my Elizabeth and my pilgrimage”(198). Victor thought about all of this loved ones that the Creature killed as the result of abandonment. Victor and the Creature have a true vengeance for one another. The true source of Victor and the Creature 's animosity is their unparalleled hatred for themselves. Victor blames himself for the deaths of his friends when he says, "I am the cause of this-I murdered her. William, Justine and Henry-they all died by my hands”(136). This is essentially true because it was Frankenstein who created the Creature and made him a monster by abandoning him. It is Frankenstein who is the monster Frankenstein hating himself for lack of thought when unleashing his creation into the world upon his own kind., the monster hating him for his abandonment. In their hate they are each fighting for control of the
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