The Crucible Persuasion

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Amongst the lines of Arthur Miller’s compelling play, “The Crucible”, Miller introduced the significance of the power of persuasion when it is applied by the authorities and how much control they are capable of. Within the message, the playwright presents to the readers/viewers, there are symbolic connections to the real world, revealing human nature and the diverse forms of disposition. Within a distinct society lies the rich and the poor as well as the powerful and the powerless. Which type of person immediately has the advantage? Incorporating power can virtually benefit any situation in which a person is attempting to influence another. This is because an abundance of the public blindly believe dominance is more trustworthy, when often…show more content…
A portion of the town’s men and women were accused by a group of teenage girls for practicing witchcraft, to cover up their use own of witchcraft. Although the town is built on purity and honesty, there is no reason to trust these girls besides their use of persuasion. These girls had performed an act of witchcraft and contacted the devil with the help of a fair maid, Tituba. When they were caught in the exploit, one of the young girls, Abigail, was fearful. She decided to go upon her pursuit of repairing this situation by persuading the rest of the girls to join her and lie to the remainder of the town about being involved with witchcraft. Abigail was not the only girl who was afraid, provoking the teenagers to generate a list of wives and men they despise of, to accuse for engaging with the devil. Due to the fact that the town is fabricated on morality, Abigail and her friends “word” is anticipated to be credible and honored. As a result, the town’s people are convinced a portion of the citizens have worked with the devil, inducing one of the messages Miller entices throughout “The Crucible”. Persuasion is easily overlooked, while it may be influenced by a crucial
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